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Custom Shipping Cases

Custom Shipping Cases provides custom made heavy duty ATA cases to your specifications!  Custom Trade Show Shipping cases, Industrial cases , medical cases or for any industry. Standard heavy duty ATA  shipping cases and carry cases offer optional tilt-wheel and extension handles or heavy duty caster wheels. Our ATA Style shipping cases great for shipping all kinds of equipment. Need assitance call us toll free at 1-888-883-0107 (508) 883-0107 or Click here to fill out a:  Custom Case Quote Form.    We are here to help you pick the right case!!

Common Uses:
Below is a small list of industries we build our Custom ATA Style shipping Cases. Keep in mind that the list of industries and categories of products is only to give you an idea of what we can do for you. It is not by any means all inclusive. We can design and built you one case or hundreds of cases. Please give us a call 508-883-0107 or e-mail us  Sales@newworldcase.com.

Custom Audio Visual Shipping Cases- Sound and Lighting Cases, trade show shipping cases, supplies cases, medical equipment, scientific equipment, rackmount equipment, monitor Cases, projector cases , monitor lift cases and more. 

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https://customshippingcases.com/images/galleryimgs/hdlp720t.jpgC:UsersGarthDesktopCustomCases.com PicsShock Mount Rackmount  case.jpgC:UsersGarthDesktopWEB SITE PICTURES42 monitor-G .jpg C:UsersGarthDesktopCustomCases.com PicsCustom Amp case.jpg

Custom Trade show Shipping Cases
Trade show equipment cases, Exhibit Display cases , Trade Show Graphic cases, Trade Show Monitor cases, Graphic shipping cases, trade show panel cases, descibe the case you need and we will put that together.  

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https://customshippingcases.com/images/galleryimgs/hdchest_t.jpg C:UsersGarthDesktopCustomCases.com PicsIndustrial Cases - Trad show cases-Medical.jpg C:UsersGarthDesktopCustomCases.com PicsYellow Medical Ramp Case.jpg

Heavy Duty Shipping Cases

Heavy duty equipment cases, shock cases, sample cases, pump cases, scales cases ,valve cases machine cases , ramp cases , cases with draws. 

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C:UsersGarthDesktopWEB SITE PICTURESRed Xerox 8700_004.jpgC:UsersGarthDesktopCustomCases.com PicsL3 Large Blue Reel Case.jpgC:UsersGarthDesktopWEB SITE PICTURES10986484_831810003523139_7905054413004014958_n.jpg
Medical Equipment Cases

Custom Medical Cases and Custom Medical Ramp Cases , Scientific Equipment cases any case that you want we can design and make. 

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C:UsersGarthDesktopCustomCases.com PicsMedical Case -2.jpgC:UsersGarthDesktopCustomCases.com PicsHeavy Duty Shredder Case.jpg C:UsersGarthDesktopCustomCases.com PicsYellow Medical Ramp Case.jpgC:UsersGarthDesktopCustomCases.com PicsRef Case.jpg

Call us toll free at 1-888-883-0107   (508) 883-0107 or click here to fill out a custom case form : Custom Case Quote Form   Any size and quantity of Custom Shipping Cases from New World Case, Inc. Located in Massachusetts and on the boarder of Rhode Island and Connecticut and Less than a hour from New Hampshire,  Location in Ohio   Other samples cases below. If You want a case simular to any picture let us know.

C:UsersGarthDesktopWEB SITE PICTURESCustom cases High.jpgC:UsersGarthDesktopWEB SITE PICTURESgray HD case.jpgC:UsersGarthDesktopWEB SITE PICTURESimage009.jpgCustom Shipping Cases|ATA Cases


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